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MAKERS, in collaboration with PBS, is excited to announce six new documentaries for 2014 premiering on September 30th that focus on specific fields where women have broken new ground and reshaped central American institutions. Building on the 2013 film MAKERS: Women Who Make America, which told the story of the modern American women’s movement, the series will bring a new collection of MAKERS to the site.
The six documentaries will tell the known and unknown stories of women in the areas of war, space, comedy, business, Hollywood and politics. These stories share women’s contributions to some of the most important moments in the history of our country and the world.
Women in Comedy
Episode 1: Premiered Sept. 30, 2014
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Women in Hollywood
Episode 2: Premiered Oct. 7, 2014
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Women in Space
Episode 3: Premiered Oct. 14, 2014
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Women in War
Episode 4: Premiered Oct. 21st, 2014
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Women in Business
Episode 5: Premiered Oct. 28, 2014
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Women in Politics
Episode 6: Premiered Nov. 4th, 2014
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Women Who Make America
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